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How Much Does Rubber Matting Cost?

Installing rubber matting for your cattle doesn’t just help decrease the risk of injuries but it can also cut down time spent on maintenance work and reduce related costs in the long run.  

One of the most common questions we get asked when farmers and handlers contact us about rubber matting is “How much is it going to cost?”, so we’re here today to help answer that question.  

Rubber matting can cost anywhere between $70 – $115 per m2 depending on a few key factors.

There is a lot of variety in the thickness, design, material, and process of installation that can impact the price and endurance of your rubber mats.  

Here are 3 main factors that will impact the price of installing rubber mats: 


1. Purpose of your rubber mats. Is it for comfort and to prevent sore hooves or to stop slipping? If you’re looking to stop slipping, you will need a thicker more chucky rubber like the NumatAGRI Youngstar cattle mat.  

2. MPA Rating.  MPA can often determine the quality of your rubber mats. Lower scoring MPA products will wear or stretch sooner than those with a higher MPA. A higher MPA rating will increase the price.  

3. Installation. Installing your rubber matting can cost anywhere from $40-$70 per square meter. This price is determined by the size of the area you are looking to cover and your location.  


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