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NumatAGRI Unique Anchoring System

NumatAGRI’s unique anchoring system has become a critical part of our installation method. By using anchors to hold down rubber mats you can ensure a more secure installation, prevent mats from moving around, and keep your surface tight and seamless for years to come.

Here is a breakdown of NumatAGRI’s anchoring system and why you should be using it when installing rubber mats on concrete. 

The anchors come in 3 pieces: 

  • An insert 
  • Stainless steel pin 
  • A shaped washer

The importance of the anchor is that it holds the mat in place. Securing your mats prevent your surface from moving around and keeps that seamless finish.  

When installing your mats, do all your cutting and laying before you do any anchoring. Once the mats are all in place, you can then go around and drill a hole in the areas you want to secure your mat.  

You will need to drill a minimum of 80mm. That’s the length of the pin. Make sure you go deep enough so that your anchors don’t bottom out when you’re trying to nail the pins in.  

When you insert the stainless-steel pins, place the plastic insert in the drilled hole and tap it in with a hammer. You can then put the pin through the specially shaped washer and knock them into the insert. 

Once the anchor is securely in, it should sink into the mat so that when you put a straight edge or a ruler across the top of the mat you have an air gap of at least 2 or 3mm. This air gap is important because it means that when the cows stand on the mat, they won’t actually be touching the anchor.  

Another unique feature of this anchoring system is that once your anchors have been hammered in, you always have the option to take them back out. You have the liberty to remove individual anchors using an impact driver if you ever needed to replace something under the concrete or take that mat out for any reason. 


To find out more about NumatAGRI’s anchors or installations give the team a call on 1800 686 287, flick us an email, or fill in the form on our contact page.