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Tips and Tricks: Cutting your rubber mat corners.

Are you struggling to get that perfect corner cut on your mats?  

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get that perfect result. 

When installing rubber matting in areas such as ramps or crushes, you’ll often need to cut the mats down to fit your specific area.  

One tip we always give to those installing and cutting their matting is to avoid making a right-angle cut as it has the potential to tear. This often happens because the two cuts on the mat meet together at a sharp point, creating a potential tear point that might cause issues in high-traffic areas and lead to the mat ripping apart.  

To avoid this, we suggest cutting a radius corner instead. 

You can do this yourself by cutting a free-hand curve with your knife. If you need a tighter radius corner, you can use a hand drill.  

Start by drilling a hole where the two cuts are supposed to meet, and then use a straight edge to cut the rubber so the cuts meet at the hole you’ve just drilled into the mat. This way, you’ll have a tight corner cut with a radius angle that will prevent any likelihood of tearing at the point.  

When installing your mats, remember that the more fixing you use, the better and more secure your mats will be. For example, when you are installing rubber matting in your crush, we suggest fixing the matting down along the edges, every 100-150mm and down the guts of the mat.  This way your mats are nice and secure. 

If you have any questions or would like a sample of rubber matting, give us a call at 1800 686 287 or fill in the form on our contact page and our team will be in touch.