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Benefits of Rubber Matting in Your Cattle Crush

Looking to enhance your cattle handling operation? Consider the game-changing benefits of rubber matting in cattle crushes. From safety to productivity, discover the top 10 compelling reasons to make this valuable upgrade to your process. 

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Put Rubber in Your Cattle Crush

1 – Enhanced Comfort

Rubber mats provide a softer surface for cattle to stand on while in the crush, reducing stress and discomfort. A comfortable cow means safer handling and less risk of injury.

2 – Superior Traction

Rubber matting improves footing, reducing the chance of slips and falls. This safety feature benefits both the cattle and handlers, minimizing potential injuries.

3 – Improved Hygiene

Unlike concrete or other hard surfaces, rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect, which reduces disease transmission and maintains cleanliness in the handling area.

4 – Noise Reduction

The handling area can be a loud place. Rubber matting helps to absorb sound, lowering stress levels and creating a more pleasant working environment for both the cattle and the handlers.

5 – Exceptional Durability

With its inherent toughness, rubber matting is built to last, reducing the frequency of replacement.

6 – Injury Prevention

The soft, shock-absorbing nature of rubber mats can minimize the impact of falls or sudden movements, thus preventing injuries like bruises, cuts, and broken bones for both cattle and handlers.

7 – Stress Reduction

By offering a more comfortable standing surface, rubber matting can lower the stress levels of cattle during handling, resulting in calmer animals and easier operations.

8 – Improved Productivity

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand. With the risk of injury and stress decreased, handlers can work more effectively, boosting overall productivity, and eventually, profitability.

9 – Versatility

Rubber matting is versatile and can be used in various cattle handling environments, from crushes to shoots, feed lots, and holding pens. Its adaptability makes it a worthy investment for diverse operations.

10 – Cost-Effectiveness

Although rubber matting may require an upfront investment, its durability, reduced maintenance costs, and improved productivity provide a strong return on investment over the long term, making it a cost-effective choice for cattle handlers.

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