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Are YoungStar Mats Difficult to Clean?

When it comes to cleanliness in cattle feedlots, saleyards, and abattoirs, hygiene and ease of maintenance are key considerations. YoungStar mats, the leading cattle mats in Australia, are often acclaimed for their durability and unique lug grid grip pattern. However, the presence of lugs that protrude 14 mm above the mat surface raises a common question: Are YoungStar Mats difficult to clean?

The answer is a resounding no. In fact, when compared to other mats on the market, particularly those made from woven used car tyre treads, YoungStar mats stand out for their ease of cleaning. Let’s delve into the details.

Non-Porous Vulcanized Rubber Surface

One key feature that sets YoungStar mats apart is their construction from non-porous vulcanized rubber. Unlike concrete, which is porous by nature, YoungStar mats don’t allow water or liquids to penetrate their surface. This means that water easily runs off, without trapping dirt or waste material. In contrast, the porous nature of concrete absorbs water, which can make it much more challenging to clean, as dirt and other waste materials can become embedded in the surface.

YoungStar Mats vs. Woven Mats

It’s worth noting that while some woven mats on the market are also made from vulcanized, non-porous rubber, they come with their own set of challenges. The weaving creates crevices where water, dirt, and dung can get trapped, making these mats particularly difficult to clean. In this respect, YoungStar mats offer an advantage, as their smooth yet non-porous surface allows for easy runoff without the risk of trapping waste material.

YoungStar rubber mats are easier to clean than concrete and woven tyre mats.

Reduced Cleaning Time and Water Use

The benefits of YoungStar mats extend beyond the material itself to practical considerations of maintenance. Many users have reported a significant reduction in cleaning time and water usage when using these mats. This isn’t just due to the non-porous nature of the rubber but also the unique lug design that allows for effective, easy cleaning.

Flexibility in Cleaning Options

For areas where water is scarce or less accessible, YoungStar mats still provide a feasible cleaning solution. Their design allows for the use of a blower to remove dirt and dried dung. This versatility in cleaning methods gives YoungStar mats an edge over alternatives, including those woven mats that require water and extensive scrubbing to clean thoroughly.

In areas where water is scarce, YoungStar rubber mats can be cleaned with a blower.

Improved Hygiene and Reduced Disease Risk

Ease of cleaning also translates to improved hygiene. Because YoungStar mats can be cleaned effectively and efficiently, they are less likely to harbor bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission. This is a significant advantage over other surfaces, such as concrete, which can be more difficult to sanitize fully.


YoungStar mats offer ease of cleaning that is hard to match. Whether it’s their non-porous vulcanized rubber material, the reduction in cleaning time, or the flexibility in cleaning methods, these mats stand out as an optimal choice for cattle-related facilities. By choosing YoungStar mats, you’re investing in not just the safety and comfort of your cattle but also in an easier and more hygienic maintenance routine for your business.