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Are YoungStar Mats Slippery?

One question that we often hear from customers considering the YoungStar rubber mats is, “Do they get slippery?” It’s a legitimate concern, especially when you’re dealing with the safety of heavy, fast-moving cattle. While it’s true that all rubber surfaces can become slippery when wet, YoungStar mats have been specifically engineered to combat this issue. Let’s delve into how these mats successfully defy the common assumptions about rubber and effectively keep cattle from slipping.

The Slippery Nature of Rubber Mats

The perception that rubber mats are slippery surfaces—especially when wet—has roots in everyday experiences. Whether it’s a kitchen mat, a bath mat, or any other common rubber surface, the texture and grip can seem compromised when wet. Similarly, some may believe that rubber surfaces lose their grip as they age. However, when it comes to YoungStar mats, these concerns have been meticulously addressed in the design phase.

The Flawed Concept of Friction-Based Cattle Mats

Many mats in the market attempt to solve the slippery issue by introducing various grip patterns intended to provide friction under the hooves of cattle. While this approach might seem intuitive, it is ultimately flawed. Unlike placid dairy cows, beef cattle are often heavy and fast-moving, which makes it almost impossible to design a pattern for them that can consistently prevent slips.

Low profile friction-based mats are great for gentle dairy cows but don't have the "grip power" to stop beef cattle from slipping.

The YoungStar Approach: Hoof Stopping Lugs

Instead of focusing on creating the perfect grip pattern, YoungStar mats employ a game-changing element: hoof-stopping lugs. These lugs are optimally positioned on the surface of the mat, forming a grid that is designed to halt hooves effectively. Each lug measures 14mm in height, providing the right amount of ‘stopping power’ needed to keep cattle secure.

Designed for Comfort and Balance

At first glance, you might wonder if a 14mm lug could trip up the cattle. However, these lugs are crafted from cushioning rubber, allowing the animal to stand comfortably anywhere on the mat. In fact, our customers report that cattle are calmer when moving on YoungStar mats, thanks to the comfortable surfacing.

YoungStar's unique hoof-stopping lugs are a game-changer for the Australian beef industry.

Cleaning Made Easy

In addition to providing a secure footing for cattle, the YoungStar mats are also designed for easy cleaning. The lugs are placed on a flat rubber surface, allowing water to run off easily. This is an essential feature that saves time and labour for busy farm staff.


So, do YoungStar mats get slippery? Technically, like all rubber mats, they can get wet and therefore slippery. But practically speaking, for the purpose they serve—keeping cattle from slipping—they excel. They defy the shortcomings of grip-pattern mats through their innovative use of hoof-stopping lugs, offering a comfortable yet secure footing for your livestock. The next time you find yourself considering various mat options for your farm, remember: YoungStar mats are designed with the unique challenges of cattle in mind, making them a reliable choice for your livestock’s needs.

See YoungStar Mat in Action Below