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Does Installing Rubber Flooring in Stables Create a Bad Odour?

In the world of equine care, ensuring the comfort and health of horses is of real importance. A significant component of this care is the choice of stable flooring. Rubber flooring is a popular choice, yet misconceptions about potential odours often deter stable managers and horse owners. However, not all rubber flooring solutions are created equal, and Kura rubber mats distinguish themselves as the superior choice, effectively debunking common myths about rubber flooring odours.

The Concern Over Rubber Flooring Odours

A common concern among equine enthusiasts is whether rubber flooring in stables will lead to unpleasant odours. The truth is, this concern largely stems from experiences with non-vulcanised rubber products or those made from inferior materials. These can absorb moisture and harbour bacteria, leading to a build-up of unpleasant smells over time.

Kura: The Odour-Free Solution

NumatAGRI’s commitment to innovation and quality has led to the development of the Kura line of rubber matting, these mats specifically address and eliminate the issue of odours in stables. Here’s how Kura stands apart:

  1. Full Vulcanisation: Kura products are fully vulcanised, preventing the absorption or build-up of moisture and bacteria in the rubber itself. This process significantly reduces the potential for odours, setting Kura apart from other rubber flooring options.
  2. Studded Base Design: The unique studded base of Kura mats ensures moisture can drain away effectively, preventing the trapping of moisture and the resultant odour issues common with flat based or ribbed base mats.
  3. Optimal Use of Bedding: While Kura’s design minimises moisture retention, using a small amount of bedding, especially on flat floors, enhances this effect by preventing any moisture from seeping through to the underside of the mats.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

The efficacy of Kura in creating a clean, odour-free stable environment is not just a claim—it’s a reality, as evidenced by the feedback from our clients. Tom Dabernig, Kate Wilson from Davrol Warmbloods, Catherine Concannon, and Glenda Devlin from Breakin Hearts Ranch had concerns about potential smells before installation. However, their experiences post-installation have highlighted the absence of any odour issues, reinforcing the superiority of Kura products. 

Why Choose Kura for Your Stables

Choosing Kura rubber flooring means investing in a product that ensures the health and comfort of your horses without the worry of unpleasant odours. The technical features of Kura, such as full vulcanisation and a studded base design, are specifically engineered to address the challenges faced by stable managers and horse owners. By selecting Kura, you’re choosing a durable, hygienic, and odour-resistant solution that stands as a testament to NumatAGRI’s commitment to quality and innovation in equine care.


The myth that rubber flooring in stables inherently leads to bad odours is effectively debunked by NumatAGRI’s Kura product line. Through advanced manufacturing processes and thoughtful design, Kura provides a hygienic, durable, and odour-free stable environment. The positive experiences of our esteemed clients further attest to Kura’s effectiveness, making it the preferred choice for those seeking the best in equine flooring solutions.