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95% Reduction in Slipping & Hoof Problems at McLaggan Farm

Taupiri, Waikato

The McLaggan family has been dairy farming the Waikato for a number of years and are currently milking 420 cows on 400 acres in Taupiri. 

In early 2022, Lance contacted NumatAGRI for rubber matting in his herringbone shed. After witnessing cows beginning to slip coming in and out of the shed he began looking for solutions to help his slipping problem while also improving cow flow.  

Grant and Scott McLaggan who work on the family farm explain how the concrete surfacing was not helping cows get sure-footed during their time in the milking shed.  They observed cows pushing to get to the feed bins at the bails, which was causing chaos and hoof injuries among the herd as the cows tried to gain some footing during milking.  

"We were getting a lot of slipping in here where the cows were coming in and out. Trying to push two-three wide into one and it just wasn’t working."

By installing purpose-built rubber matting, they have been able to minimise slips and reduce the number of hoof injuries. Kura mats cover the herringbone bails, as well as the entry and exit into the milking shed. The specially designed mosaic grooved pattern on the top of the mats provides the required grip to minimise slipping while creating a comfortable and soft surface for the cows to stand on.  

For Grant and Scott, an added benefit of a rubber surface has been the ability to cut down the time and energy spent on cleaning and hosing down the surface in their shed. “We found the product really good for being able to clean easily. It’s a lot easier to hose out on the mat than it is on the concrete.”  

The rubber mats have helped regulate cow flow and created a more relaxing environment for milking. 

“Cows just seem happier coming into the shed. You’re not worried about them slipping up, other cows trying to jump over the top of them. They’re just really sure-footed. Once they get in, to milk, they stand there very comfortably.”

Along with the rubber matting on the herringbone bails, they decided to also install rubber mats in the milking pit. Standing on concrete for long periods of time was becoming strenuous on the body, causing leg and back aches for the milkers. The rubber pit mats have created a softer and more comfortable surface to stand on during a day’s work.  

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