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Enhancing Livestock Welfare and Operational Efficiency with YoungStar Matting at Dorrigo Saleyards

Dorrigo, New South Wales
Navigating Challenges in a High-Rainfall Area

Dorrigo Saleyards, located in the high-rainfall region of the Northern Tablelands, has been grappling with significant challenges related to cattle management, particularly concerning lameness and soft feet issues in cattle due to the wet conditions. With over 6,000 head of cattle being managed, sold, and auctioned annually, ensuring the well-being and safety of the livestock became paramount.

Choosing YoungStar Mat: A Strategic Move Towards Enhanced Animal Welfare

The Dorrigo Saleyards Committee, under the leadership of Brad Schwartz and management of Tahnee Tosh, identified the need for a robust solution to mitigate the prevalent issues. Previous matting solutions, while providing some relief, were merely stop-gap measures and presented difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. The YoungStar Mat was chosen for its superior quality, ease of cleaning, and potential to significantly reduce foot issues and prevent slipping among the cattle.

Seamless Installation and Immediate Impact

The installation of the YoungStar Mat, by the Numat install team, spanned three days and involved laying rapid-set concrete in uneven areas to ensure a level surface for the matting. The immediate impact was evident – a notable reduction in foot issues among the cattle and prevention of slipping, particularly among older cattle during prime or fat sales.

"Due to being in such a high rainfall area, one of the major concerns here at the sale yards is the lameness and soft feet in cattle. We had other matting in previous years, and whilst it did lessen the impact, it was hard to clean and it was sort of only a stop-gap measure. Hence why we've invested in the new matting."

Upholding Animal Welfare and Enhancing Operational Throughput

The YoungStar Mat has not only addressed the immediate concerns related to animal welfare but also facilitated an increase in operational throughput at the yards. The enhanced safety and comfort provided by the matting have proven to be beneficial, especially when utilizing third-party computer-based auction programs, ensuring that the cattle are managed and sold in a humane and efficient manner.

A Highly Recommended Solution for Livestock Facilities

The positive outcomes derived from the installation of the YoungStar Mat have been substantial and tangible. The Dorrigo Saleyards team highly recommends the matting to other sale yards and livestock facilities, underscoring its pivotal role in enhancing animal welfare and operational efficiency.

"The matting has given us great benefits throughout the time we've had it installed and we would highly recommend it to other sale yards and livestock facilities."

The installation of the YoungStar Mat at Dorrigo Saleyards is a great example of a strategic approach to resolving challenges related to livestock management in adverse weather conditions. The positive impact on animal welfare and operational efficiency underscores the matting’s pivotal role in enhancing the overall functionality and productivity of sale yards and similar facilities.

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