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Tracking Nicely at Awapuni Racecourse

Palmerson North, Manawatū-Whanganui

The stables at Awapuni racecourse in Palmerston North are a busy place, with 30 horses in work at any one time.

These horses are on the facility’s walker twice a day and the subsequent wear and tear in this area was cause for concern for trainer Gary Vile.

Here, the previous matting had been unsuccessful. “It was a shoddy compound one, which was basically peeling off the floor,” said Gary. “It got to where the horses were virtually running on concrete.”

Greater peace of mind was needed for the safety of the horses, with a thick, durable mat that ensured no slipping a priority. Word of mouth on the Numat matting was strong and Gary made the call to install Kura on the horse walker.

“It’s wearing well and they (the horses) have hardly marked it.”

“Since installation in April the matting seems very successful,” said Gary. “It’s wearing well and they (the horses) have hardly marked it.”

With these horses able to gain a strong grip with each step the peace of mind for trainers has been far greater also.

While “these are early days” according to Gary, the reaction to the new matting is still very much positive. “The people I’ve talked to who’ve had it installed say it’s got a very good lifespan and, from what we’ve got so far, I’d definitely recommend it,” he said. “It’s the best matting I’ve seen.”

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