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YoungStar Mat Leads to Significant Reduction in Slipping at Aronui Feedlot

Dalby, Queensland

AACO’s Aronui Feedlot in Dalby, QLD, Australia, has taken a significant step in improving livestock management by incorporating the YoungStar Mat into their operation, overseeing the welfare of around 22,000 cattle each year.

Client Profile

  • Client: AACO, Aronui Feedlot
  • Operations Manager: Brenton Watterson
  • Location: Dalby, QLD, Australia
  • Operational Scope: 22,000 head of cattle annually

The Challenge: Improving Animal Safety

The Aronui Feedlot faced a pressing challenge with the safety of cattle in areas prone to slips and trips. Brenton Watterson, the Operations Manager, identified the need for a solution, remarking, “Initially we found a need for the young star matting down on one of our hospital yards.”

"By implementing the young star mat we've significantly reduced the amount of slips and trips as they're turning through them gateways, drafting out the front of the crush."

Solution Implementation

The YoungStar Mat was chosen for its potential to provide a safer environment for cattle movement. Watterson observed the mat’s effectiveness and decided to expand its use: “As we built this new facility here we’ve definitely thought it had its place in our bud box setup and then in our rebuild on our induction shed.”

Outcomes of the Installation

Safety Enhancements

The primary benefit was a significant reduction in cattle slips and trips. Watterson attests to this improvement: “By implementing the young star mat we’ve significantly reduced the amount of slips and trips as they’re turning through them gateways, drafting out the front of the crush.”

Installation Efficiency

The mat was not only effective but also easy to install. “It arrived with all the gear we needed right down to the steering knife to cut it, so yeah, everything within the box ready to go,” Watterson appreciated the convenience.

Maintenance and Comfort

The YoungStar Mat proved to be more manageable and comfortable than traditional surfaces. “It’s a lot easier to clean than normal stamped concrete… It’s better than concrete when you’re standing on it all day,” Watterson highlighted the dual benefits of the matting.

"Overall, I definitely recommend the YoungStar matting in your feedlots."

Model for Future Adoption

The success of the YoungStar Mat at Aronui Feedlot has set a precedent, with Watterson concluding, “We will definitely be considering putting it in all of our sheds in the coming years and recommend any other feedlot with an issue with slips and trips especially around your crushes and drafting yards.”

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