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With every Numat rubber mat installed, you improve the health of your cows which, in turn leads to greater milk yields and lower claw treatment and stock replacement costs.

Key concerns on the farm

Dairy lameness

Studies show that rubber matting has a positive impact on mobility and hoof and leg health. The softer underfoot conditions provided by rubber mats reduces pressure on the hoof and reduces lameness.

cows standing on kura mats

Dairy slipping

Ensuring the surfaces around your dairy shed are comfortable and non-slip, is one of the best ways to increase cow confidence and productivity, and reduce injuries on the farm.


Dairy cow flow

When cows are hesitant to step into the milking shed it increases time and effort and decreases herd health and quantity of milk flow. Rubber matting can help reduce stress and get your cows flowing.


Pasture management

Rubber matting on your yard provides a compliant stand-off pad for a fraction of the cost of building a new stand-off pad. In most cases, the effluent management system is already built into the yard.


Hooves choose it.

Given the choice, dairy cows would prefer to walk on rubber matting. In this video, we set up two strips of rubber on a concrete exit race to put this idea to the test. Watch the video to see what happened.

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Our solutions

Heavy-duty feedlot mat with hoof-stopping lugged profile.

W: 900mm x L: 2100mm
Thickness: 20mm

Premium interlocking mat with mosaic profile and thick studded base.

W: 1190mm x L: 850mm
Thickness: 25mm

Premium interlocking mat with a quad-surface profile and thick multi square base.

Width: 1266mm | Length: 1266mm | Thickness: 20mm

An economic mat with a number of applications. Cellular profile, ribbed base. Great for stables and deer sheds.

Width: 1000mm | Length: 1000mm | Thickness: 12mm

Economically priced multi-use mat with thick rubber studs on both the surface and underside.

W: 1000mm x L: 1000mm
Thickness: 23mm

An ergonomically designed pit mat that delivers proven comfort, grip, and safety. 

Comes in both raw sheets and custom cut interlocking edges. 

An ergonomically designed interlocking anti-fatigue mat that delivers proven comfort, grip, and safety.

1183 mm x 845 mm x 17 mm

DairyGrip by RubberGem is a heavy-duty yet economical option for tracks. 

W: 1.8m x L: 30m
Thickness: 22mm

VGrip is a hard wearing rubber mat with V-shaped cleats. Perfect for slopes and high pressure areas.


Roll width: 2000mm | Roll length: 30m | Thickness: 18mm (10mm base with 8mm cleat)
Roll width: 2400mm | Roll length: 30m | Thickness: 18mm (10mm base with 8mm cleat)

FlexiShield is a durable and versatile plastic barrier designed for efficient livestock management, enhancing animal flow and safety.

Roll width: 1200mm | Roll length: 10m | Thickness: 3mm

Case Studies

Further Case Studies

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Further Case Studies

Rubber Surfacing Solves Slipping in Herringbone Shed

Te Awamutu, Waikato

Lucas Allcock knew what he wanted. The Te Awamutu farmer needed matting with “a thick grip that was long-lasting” for his 270-stong herd.

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Further Case Studies

Numat rubber matting, an all-round surface solution

Te Awamutu, Waikato

Dairy farmer Peter Marwood says he discovered Numat at the Mystery Creek Fieldays and decided to install the ErgoMat in the pit of his shed and also in his daughter’s horse stable.

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Further Case Studies

Creating a Comfortable Work Surface at Wandellow

Wandella Valley, Cobargo

June Tarlinton, contacted Numat about rubber matting after needing to update the matting in her milking shed that had worn out.

Read full case study

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Dairy Lameness

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Download this free handbook!

The benefits of rubber matting.

This free handbook showcases 14 real dairy farms and reveals how rubber matting has helped reduce lameness, improve cow flow, and provided a vital pasture management tool.  

How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

If you’re looking for a price on a specific mat, or volume pricing on multiple mats, we recommend you get in touch with our sales team. They have the experience to match the right mat to your situation.