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Underpass Mats

Our underpass matting provides the perfect cushion between the cows’ hooves and the hard ground, reducing slipping, stone bruising, and greatly improving cow flow.

vgrip installed on a dairy underpass

Product: VGrip

doublestud mat installed on a dairy underpass

Product: Double Stud

zigzag mat on a dairy underpass

Product: Dairy Grip

Dairy Underpass Mat Benefits

Soft rubber takes pressure off cows hooves reducing lameness.

Improves cow flow through the yard and into the shed.

Provides grip which reduces slipping and falls.

Non-porous rubber mats are easier to clean than concrete.

Dairy Underpass Mat Solutions

Heavy-duty feedlot mat with hoof-stopping lugged profile.

W: 900mm x L: 2100mm
Thickness: 20mm

DairyGrip by RubberGem is a heavy-duty yet economical option for tracks. 

W: 1.8m x L: 30m
Thickness: 22mm

Economically priced multi-use mat with thick rubber studs on both the surface and underside.

W: 1000mm x L: 1000mm
Thickness: 23mm

VGrip is a hard wearing rubber mat with V-shaped cleats. Perfect for slopes and high pressure areas.


Roll width: 2000mm | Roll length: 30m | Thickness: 18mm (10mm base with 8mm cleat)
Roll width: 2400mm | Roll length: 30m | Thickness: 18mm (10mm base with 8mm cleat)

Further Case Studies

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Further Case Studies

Rubber Surfacing Solves Slipping in Herringbone Shed

Te Awamutu, Waikato

Lucas Allcock knew what he wanted. The Te Awamutu farmer needed matting with “a thick grip that was long-lasting” for his 270-stong herd.

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Further Case Studies

[Video] 10 years and counting at Swanslea Farm in Kopaurahi

Kopaurahi, Waikato

Henry Schipper installed Numat rubber matting on his yard in Kopaurahi in 2010, after major issues with pugging in wintertime. “Since we’ve put the matting down, we’ve had basically no bad hoof problems, nothing like we used to have.”

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Further Case Studies

Protecting Stock with YoungStar Matting at JAD Agriculture

Yeoval, Central West NSW

The stable matting at Almaree Park is modern, easy to clean, and non-slip.

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Further Case Studies

A Solution to Slipping for Platinum Pastoral

Meekatharra, WA

In the last few seasons, Darren had noticed an increased number of cattle slipping when leaving the crush, so he began looking for solutions.

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Dairy Lameness

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Download this free handbook!

The benefits of rubber matting.

This free handbook showcases 14 real dairy farms and reveals how rubber matting has helped reduce lameness, improve cow flow, and provided a vital pasture management tool.  

How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

If you’re looking for a price on a specific mat, or volume pricing on multiple mats, we recommend you get in touch with our sales team. They have the experience to match the right mat to your situation.