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Where to Use

Numat has a large range of mats for dairy, deer, equine, and beef applications.


Slipping is one of the major issues faced by the beef industry. Numat cattle yard mats are designed to provide grip for large, fast moving cattle.


Cattle ramps are inherently risky places for cattle. Getting the right high-grip ramp surface is critical to ensuring your cattle stay safe.



Numat stable matting produces outstanding outcomes in the stable environment. It’s warmer, quieter, healthier, more comfortable than flooring alternative, and it reduces bedding costs by up to 80%. There really is no good reason not to have it in your stable.


Numat’s wash bay matting provides a free draining surface with excellent grip and cushioning for you and your horses. Tested under the toughest conditions, these mats are proven to withstand heavy loads and the regular use of soaps and shampoos.


Numat’s Horse Walker surfacing provides comfort, grip, and improved safety for your horses. It can be made to measure and comes ready to clip together for easy installation. Made from quality rubber compounds, it’s as durable as they come.


Numat rubber in stable breezeways enhances safety and comfort for horses and handlers, reduces noise for a calmer environment, and is as easy to maintain as concrete, supporting efficient stable operations.



Cows are more sure-footed and confident when walking on Numat rubber as they enter and exit the milking shed.


Herringbone bail matting provides an anti-slip alternative to concrete during the milking process.


Numat adds a new dimension to cow health and well- being, herding the animals towards the milking shed with surety and comfort.


Our underpass and slope matting provides the perfect buffer between the cows’ hooves and the underpass concrete, reducing stone bruising and greatly improving cow flow.


Stand Off and Feed Pads are becoming increasingly popular with New Zealand dairy farmers. It’s not surprising – the pads protect pastures, conserve grass and minimise mud.


Access-ways can be treacherous for hoofed animals and high maintenance for farmers. Reduce the threat of falls and stone bruising with our built-tough rubber matting.